Dev Signature Villas - Attapur (RERA Number - P02400002407)

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Signature Villas - Attapur

Signature Villas @ Attapur, Next Level Of Living Total Layout Consist Of 8 acres 16 guntas of Gated Community of Villas, Avg. Plot Size 300 Sq.yds And Ranging from Minimum 185 Sq.yds to Maximum 598 Sq.yds and built up area from Minimum 1379 Sft to Maximum 6851 Sft, High End Specifications, Excellent Elevation from Architecture PARADIGM, Bangalore's best architect,Best Landscaping Consultant,Excellent Club House Amenities, completion time appx. 3yrs., 48 exclusive villas.

Project Walkthrough Promo Video (30 sec)- August 12th, 2020



Signature Villas Walk-through Promo 30 Sec | Villas at Attapur | Devansh Construction

Project Walkthrough - August 05th, 2020

Signature Villas - Attapur

Google Location

Land Scape Layout

Ats Plots

KIND NOTE: The Total Saleable Built-up ___________________ Sq.Feet (“ Saleable Area”) all floors Combined (i.e., G+2 Floors), which includes Double & Triple Heights on First Floor and Second Floor, First Floor Balconies with Single/ Double heights with /Without roof, Pergola, all skylights, Car Parking, Lift cut outs, Servant Room, Sit out Deck and any other cut outs within set back of building Etc.,


FLOORING Living, Dining,Drawing (Only Ground Floor) , Staircase and Mid Landing Imported marble or equivalent
All other areas Vitrified tiles Somany or equivalent
Balconies and Accessible Terraces Antiskid tiles of Asian make or equivalent
DOORS Main Door 8' height with Teak wood frame & shutter with melamine polishing with standard hardware.
Internal doors 7' height with teak wood frame and flush doors/skin.
Sliding doors 7' height aluminium doors/UPVC or equivalent
WINDOWS Aluminium windows/UPVC or equivalent as per drawing.
KITCHEN Granite platform with stainless steel sink and dado upto 2 feet height
TOILETS Anti skid tiles for flooring and wall tiles upto door height. CPVC primary fixtures along with sanitary fixtures of TOTO /Kohler /Parryware or equivalent. Piping provision for the solar water heating system.
PAINTING Two coats of cement based smooth finish wall putty with one coat of primer and two coats of paint internally in villa. External painting will be a combination of putty and texture with one coat primer and two coats of paint and other elevation materials as per drawing.
ELECTRICAL Electrical wiring is concealed with PVC insulated copper wire with modular switches and power points as per architectural drawing. Miniatures from Legrand make or equivalent.
DG BACK UP 3 Phase electrical meter provided for each villa. Upto 5KW of power for each villa.
WATER SUPPLY Centralized pneumatic system to supply treated water for each villa.
TV AND TELEPHONE TV point will be provided in living room, family living room, media room and in all bed rooms. Telephone point provided in living room.
SECURITY CCTV provision for common areas such as entrance, exit, tot lots & cellar parking area of clubhouse. Boom barrier entry.
PEST CONTROL TREATMENT Pre & post construction anti-termite treatment for all structures & landscaped area
WATER TREATMENT PLANT Bore water will pass through water softener to remove the hardness in the water and supplied to the villas.
HYDRO PNEUMATIC WATER SUPPLY Water supply from HMWSSB. Underground water sumps with storage for HMWSSB & bore water. 6½' bore wells with submersible pumps.
RAINWATER HARVESTING All the rain water from the villas and landscape areas shall be used for proper & efficient rain water harvesting.
DUST BINS AND CENTRAL GARBAGE Dust bins shall be provided at convenient places in the Layout. Central Garbage collection area shall be demarcated for collection of organic and in-organic waste

Note :   The above specifications are subject to change at the sole discretion of the developer, the above is not a contractual or legal offering.


Landscape Features Rock Garden
Olive Grove
Versatile Multi-Use Spaces
Chromatic Meadow
Sensory Courts
Radial Garden
Vantage Points of Golconda Fort and Musi River
Event Spaces
Ecologically Sensitive Features Aesthetic Green Streets
Increased Permeable Surfaces
Natural Sewage Treatment Plant
Detention and Retention Ponds
Shaded Walkways
Tree- Lined Boulevards
Bio-Swale System
Retention of Pre-existing Natural Elements
Community Spaces Open Air Amphitheatre
Community Plaza
Community Herb Gardens
Fruit Orchard
Rendezvous Points
Health and Lifestyle Yoga Court
Meditation Spaces
Outdoor Gym
Jogging Path
Sports Tennis Courts
Badminton Courts
Half- Basketball Court
Skating Park
Children’s Amenities Tot-Lot
Sand Pit
Play Equipment for All Ages
Engaging Reading Deck
Expansive Plays capes
Senior Citizen
Conversation Nooks
Tranquil Relaxation Spaces
Shaded Arbours
Salient Features Pedestrian Friendly Design
Safe Zone for Children
Designated Emergency Assembly Points
Barrier-Free and Seamless Connectors
Integrated Waterscapes and Green Spaces
Specially Curated Mosquito-Repellent Plant Species
Uniquely Designed Way finding
Designed by renowned Bangalore architects - Architecture Paradigm
with over 60 national and international awards.
Villas have two double height volumes, skylights, double height
balconies and multiple terraces with a holistic design in all aspects.
100% vastu compliant
20 Years of experience, trust and expertise to deliver timely project with next level of quality
Club House Grocery store
Swimming pool
Multi-purpose hall
Reading space and waiting space
Indoor games – TT, Carom, Chess
Coffee shop
Gym + Yoga space
Open air theatre

Note : The above specifications are subject to change at the sole discretion of the developer, the above is not a contractual or legal offering.

Land Scapeing Specifications

Landscape Architecture – Specifications and Features
01 Creating a blend of passive and active landscape throughout the site to enhance overall aesthetic, environmental, and social aspects of the community.
02 Use of natural methods of recycling of both organic solid waste and sewage within the community.
03 Design of a comprehensive edge strategy along the river side with a blend of various activities and gardens including amphitheatre, water courts, gazebos, rock gardens, feature grass mounds, sports courts, yoga courts,outdoor gym, landscape seating, detention ponds, chromatic flowergarden, etc.
04 Design of unique multifunctional spaces with extensive scope for community engagement and interaction.
05 Provision of grass pavers and interlocking pavers on all roads along with bio-swales at the edges which help to recharge the groundwater naturally.
06 Purification of polluted storm water runoffs naturally via phytoextraction,phytostabilisation and phytodegradation.
07 A blend of carefully designed hard and soft landscape allowing beautiful,shaded walkways using a carefully selected array of non-invasive species.
08 A curated assortment of signature plant species which complement the native species used extensively throughout the property.
09 The project aims to use recycled water for landscape. The site planning is also done to efficiently recharge the groundwater.
Note : The above specifications are subject to change at the sole discretion of the developer, the above is not a contractual or legal offering.

Additional Optional Features

Sustainability Consultant – Specs and features
01 Complete daylight analysis done for all villas to ensure that there is optimal day lighting in all rooms
02 Utility services kept on the western side which act as heat barriers to the inner living spaces.
03 For the sliding doors and windows Saint Gobian - Evolite - ET-15011 is used which allows for 50% light transmittance and 50% heat gain. This glass controls heat gain by 50% compare to conventional single float glass.
04 On the terraces, PERLITE insulation is done with the water proofing over it. This cuts down heat gain from the roof by 40%.
05 Terrace tiling uses China mosaic - Glossy white ceramics broken pieces - Solar Reflective Index > = 80. There will be a exterior to interior surface temperature difference of approximately 10ᵒC.
06 External amenities are planned to be completely solar powered.
07 The project is conceived along the lines of sustainability achieved via efficient planning in the areas of architectural design, landscape and MEP design.
08 The entire project is attempting towards being net neutral to the grid by water harvesting for fresh water demands and the use of low flow and efficient fixtures.
09 Solar water heating facility for all villas
10 The project is envisaged with the total roof area having photovoltaic cells so as to be net surplus using net metering.
11 Aiming towards maximun energy efficiency by using fixtures like LED lights, Superfans, etc.
12 Optimal SolidWaste Management (SWM). Project to use four stage separation of solid waste.
13 Composter to be installed for conversion of organic waste to manure.
14 All living areas are day lit
15 External envelopes are thermally insulated for reducing heat gain.
16 Use of PDEC system for passive cooling for the common areas of the villas.
17 Internal layout road maximum 20 feet of greenery and motorable out of 30 feet.
18 Rated "IGBC PLATINUM" under IGBC Green Homes (Version 3.0) #GH182153 with 88 award points.
Note: The above specifications are subject to change at the sole discretion of the developer, the above is not a contractual or legal offering.

Elevation External

Villas.No. 1,3,13,18 & 45

Villa.No. 2

Villas.No. 4,10,11,12,17,26,27,28,29,33,34,35

Villa.No. 5

Villa.No. 6

Villas.No. 7,8,9,16,22,23,24,30,31,32

Villas.No. 14,15

Villas.No. 19,20

Villa.No. 21

Villa.No. 25

Villa.No. 36

Villa.No. 37

Villa.No. 38

Villa.No. 39

Villa.No. 40

Villas.No. 41,44

Villas.No. 42 & 43

Villas.No. 46,47

Latest News and Updates of Attapur

Land Scape In Detail

Landscape Architecture – Specifications and Features

Site Live Videos & Image Gallery

Site Live Videos & Image Gallery: November 1st, 2021

Site Live Videos & Image Gallery

Site Live Videos & Image Gallery: JUNE 11th, 2021

Site Live Videos & Image Gallery

Site Live Videos & Image Gallery: MARCH 13th, 2021
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